Founded in 1999, Dongguan City Jingli Can Co., Ltd specializes in premium packaging. By far, Jingli has 7 production locations in China and a factory in Vietnam, with more than 5,000 employees and an annual tinplate consumption of more than 100,000 tons. 

Daily output5Million
Tinplate consumption 100K tons

Has passed a number of international and domestic certifications, world-renowned brand suppliers, strict quality control, and received unanimous praise


Tin packaging covers food, cigarettes, CD products, wine, gift boxes and many other fields, different sizes, different shapes, all applications!
To provide customers with the most ideal packaging solutions in all directions, Our products are everywhere in the world, Consumers could enjoy the beautiful life brought by tin can packaging!

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Jingli is a large-scale tin can manufacturer in China,with on-time delivery and high quality product.

Equipped with GMP production workshop and GMP printing workshop under 100,000 level for pharmaceutical packaging conditions, which ensures all the products in accordance with the standards of FDA.

Large-scale manufacturer

Large-scale manufacturer

Guarantee delivery according to quality and quantity

Super 10000㎡ clean room

10000㎡ clean room

Products meet FDA standards

Annual sales exceed 20,000 T

Annual sales exceed 100,000 T

Maintain a stable stock of 4,000 tons of raw materials

Passed multiple certifications


Products comply with food grade standards ISO 22000: 2005 (HACCP), RQA and other qualification certifications

World Brand Cooperation

World Brand Cooperation

Has passed Coca-Cola and McDonald's
Factory acceptance of Sedex, Target, Disney, etc.


R & D design team

With R&D design team, customized products could be designed according to customer’s requirements


Jinglier’s pragmatic and innovative concept and rigorous and meticulous production process have won the approval and favor of many international brands, such as Mars, Kraft, Hershey and Nestlé.
Strict standards required by international companies to meet the requirements of different customers, We have passed a series of strict inspections by world-renowned companies, such as Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Unilever, etc.


Headquarters has built a museum with over 3000 square meters of physical objects in packaging, Jingli has developed samples of tin cans, different specifications, different shapes, different materials with trends and styles in various periods, welcomes all circles to visit and exchange


The products with customer LOGO and printed patterns displayed on this website are for sample display purposes only, that is, for product size, shape, structure and color.
This does not mean that we have obtained approval from the trademark holder for re-sale.
  Ownership of the specially designed products, trademarks and copyrighted printed patterns displayed on this website belongs to the company named on the product printing.
  Jingli Company strictly abides by relevant Chinese laws and regulations, and resolutely put an end to cooperation with units that cannot prove their trademark ownership or cannot provide legal authorization.

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