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How To Develop A Tin Box Packaging?


Jingli has been providing professional and luxurious tin box packaging solutions for more than 20 years and we have gained substantial experiences from our customers when it comes to direct food contact or direct cosmetics contact. As a durable and recyclable packaging, tin box is widely used in different product categories such as food, coffee, tea, health care and cosmetics etc because tin box packaging can preserve the products well.

How To Choose Your Valentine Tin Box Packaging?


Jingli Can designs and manfactures premium tin box for more than 23 years. We guide customers how to design and select tin boxes for their Valentine packaging. Besides heart shaped tin box, other shape can aslo be introduced into Valentine category as long as the designs are Valentine related.

Popular Tea Tin Caddies Packaging of 2022


Tin box is an important packaging for tea. Today, tin boxes for tea storage are popular for their aesthetic appeal and functional properties, and are widely used by tea enthusiasts and tea companies alike. Jingli provide a wige range of tea tin boxes for tea companies across the globe.

Wholesales Tin Lunch Box


Lunch box style tin boxes is very common in candy, biscuit ,chocolate and other food products. Jingli supplies various tin lunch box in different sizes and shapes.

Fun and Affordable Tin Ball Gift For Christmas


Customers want an affordable but special Christmas Gift- To fill their cookies, candies, into the tin ball. A Christmas tin ball becomes their best choice.

Get Ready For Your Easter Decoration


Jingli provides a wide range of Easter tin collection. Among all the tin box shapes, Easter metal egg and rabbit shape tin box is the most popular. Easter Metal Egg becomes the symbol for the holidays.

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