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Candy Tin with Clip ER0228A-01 31X21X81mm





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Small mints and candies tin box with clip, fun and attractive tin box packaging

Product description

Small tin box for mints and candies. 

This mints and candies tin box is attractive and fun with the clip. Jingli provides tin box with other accessories, such as plastic clip.  Combining the clip wit this small tin box, childrens can use it as a decoration on their school bags or lunch boxes. 

Advantages of Candy Tin Boxes:

Durability: Constructed from tinplate, these boxes are significantly more durable than paper-based packaging. They provide superior protection for the candies against physical damage, ensuring the products remain intact and presentable whether on store shelves or during transit.

Longevity and Freshness: Candy tin boxes offer an airtight seal, which helps in preserving the freshness and flavor of the candies by protecting them from air, moisture, and contaminants. This extends the shelf life of the product, maintaining its quality over time.

Customization and Branding: The surface of candy tin boxes can be easily customized with logos, brand names, and specific designs through printing or embossing techniques. This allows for effective branding and marketing, making the product stand out in a competitive market and creating a memorable brand experience for consumers.

Versatility: Beyond housing candies, these tin boxes are versatile enough to be used for packaging a wide range of food products, such as cookies, chocolates, and mints, as well as non-food items like tea, candles, and small gifts. This versatility makes them a valuable packaging solution across various industries.

Cost-Effectiveness: Despite their numerous advantages and high-quality appearance, candy tin boxes are relatively cost-effective, especially when ordered in bulk. This makes them an accessible packaging option for businesses of all sizes, from boutique confectioners to large-scale manufacturers.


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