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Custom Tin Box With Window DR0848A-01 228.6X202X51mm





Product description

Special Shape Candy Tin Box With Window


PET tray assembled in the tin box, the products can be displayed through the window.

CMYK printing+ white offset printing.

0.25mm thick tinplate.

A window tin box refers to a container or packaging made of tin metal that has a transparent window or opening, typically made of plastic or glass, allowing the contents to be visible. It is commonly used for storing various items such as candies, cookies, tea, cosmetics, and other small products.

The advantages of a window tin box include:

Product Display and Marketing: The window tin box can effectively showcase the product, highlighting its quality and features. This can help in product marketing and promotion, attracting attention and generating interest among consumers.

Reusability: Window tin boxes are often sturdy and durable, making them suitable for reuse. They can be repurposed for storage or as decorative items, reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

Branding Opportunities: The smooth surface of tin can be easily customized with various printing techniques, allowing for branding and logo placement. This helps in creating brand recognition, increasing brand loyalty, and creating a unique and memorable packaging experience.

Recyclability: Tin is a highly recyclable metal, meaning window tin boxes can be easily recycled and contribute to a more sustainable environment.



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