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Lid balm Tin ED0383A-01 80x65x18mm





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Small tin box with hinge, pocket size and easy to carry.

Product description

Small Tin Box for Lid Balm

ED0383A-01  80X65X18mm

two piece structure tin box with hinged lid. Small tin box with hinge

PET clear tray can be provided and assembled in the small hinge tin box. Pocket size and easy to carry.

Small square tins with lids refer to compact containers made of tin metal, typically in a square shape, and equipped with a removable cover. These tins are commonly used for storing various items such as mints, spices, pills, and other small objects.

The advantages of small square tins with lids include:

Compact and Space-Efficient: The square shape of these tins allows for efficient utilization of space, making them ideal for organizing and storing small items in a compact manner.

Protection from Moisture and Air: Tin metal provides excellent resistance to moisture and air, ensuring that the contents inside the tin remain protected from external elements. This helps in preserving the freshness and quality of the stored items.

Versatility: Small square tins with lids are versatile in their usage. They can be used for storing a wide range of items, including spices, herbs, crafts supplies, and small keepsakes. The removable lid allows for easy access and keeps the items secure.

Customization: The smooth surface of tin allows for easy customization with labels, stickers, or prints, allowing for branding or personalization. This can make the tins visually appealing and provide a unique touch.


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