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Small Sliding Tin ED0088A-01 80X35X11mm





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Sliding lid sturcture. A handy small tin box for mints

Product description

Sliding Lid Mints Tin Box


This rectangular tin box with sliding lid is specially designed for mints and candy.  Consumers can open the tin with one hand with a simple  back and forth movement. 

Special openning of the tin box packaging gives consumer a different experience. This also becomes a very popular packaging for mints and candy.

A small tin case refers to a compact container made of tin, commonly used for storing small objects such as jewelry, coins, or other miscellaneous items. Similar to mint tin boxes, small tin cases are typically rectangular or square in shape and have a hinged lid for easy access.

The advantages of small tin cases include:

Compact and portable: Small tin cases are designed to be space-saving and easily carried in pockets, bags, or purses. Their small size makes them convenient for travel or everyday use.

Durability and protection: Tin is a durable material that offers excellent protection for the contents inside. It can withstand impact, preventing damage to delicate items and ensuring their safety.

Rust-resistant: Tin is resistant to rust, making small tin cases ideal for storing metal objects or items that can be susceptible to moisture damage. The rust-resistant property helps to maintain the integrity and longevity of the stored contents.

Customizable: Similar to mint tin boxes, small tin cases can be customized with various designs, labels, or branding. This allows for personalization or promotional purposes, making them attractive as gifts or marketing items.



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